I have been shut down for about 3 months now, only offering walks to clients who urgently needed my services which turned out to be two clients. I feel lucky to have had at least these two boys with me to keep me sane and have an established routine as opposed to staying home all day every day. I felt the precautions and protocols I put into place were safe enough to continue services, and by God's grace everything has gone smoothly and everybody is safe. Just like many others I am looking forward to slowly getting back to our new normal and integrating more and more of the pups back into our adventurous group walks as I miss them dearly! I would also like to point out the many other hardships our world is going through such as the #BLM movement, and many other issues that we may not be totally aware of. We need to do better as a society in several aspects and give this planet the respect it deserves. Love one another, teach our future generations kindness, understanding, and courage. To all of my fellow entrepreneurs I wish you all the best, to my clients thank you for being so understanding and supportive, and to the essential workers thank you for your bravery and efforts that will never go unappreciated. Stay safe everyone!

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