The Dog Behind it All!

This boy! Let me introduce you to my first and only dog thus far, Azul! I love him so much I have his name tattooed on me! We got him at two months old as a family pet, but he has grown to be pretty much mine as I am his primary care giver. He is a handsome husky mix. We took him to puppy classes when he was younger, he was actually attacked by the trainer's dog and has since then not been very dog friendly (he is better with the ladies than the fellas LOL). We should have done better to help him socialize with more and different dogs, but I will admit I did not know as much as I do now back then. Then again, we are only assuming this is the reason, but we should not forget some dogs just don't like other dogs, and just like us your dog will NOT like every dog they meet, and that is just fine. Being a senior, he did develop arthritis in a number of areas of his body. He is now on two types of meds for pain and inflammation, and I also give him all natural supplements for pain which he enjoys. Words cannot describe the joy this boy brings me every single day. He is the reason I smile when I head home knowing I am going to see him (though he no longer gets up to greet me but still gives me the tail wag). Because of his issue with dogs, he along with my time working at dogtales rescue inspired me to learn more about the type of behavioural issues we can encounter as pet owners and professionals. All in all despite not having four-legged playmates I know he lives an amazing and fulfilled life.

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