adventure walks

  • Our adventure group walks involve 5-6 dogs at a time at our nearest trail or park location. These walks include pick up/drop off and are 1 hour in duration. The time slots range from 9am 12pm and 3pm.

private walks

  • Our private walks cater to dogs who prefer having one on one time with their walker. These walks are 30 minutes in duration and there is no set start time.

drop-in visits

  • Drop-in visits are available and consist of a 15 minute time frame and is available for dogs, puppies, cats, kittens or other small-type animals.  These visits are ideal for pups under 4 months who are still too young for long walks, or senior dogs who need a potty break or medication administered. Cuddle sessions are also part of the visit!

in-home training

  • I have two years experience shadowing and working with certified trainers, as well as working with shelter animals. I can provide basic training such as puppy and manners classes. I am currently working on writing the CCPDT-KA exam to become a certified trainer.  A special plan is created for every unique pup and sessions are typically 20mins in length. I strongly believe in positive reinforcement training methods which involve praise, classical & operant conditioning, and lots of treats!


  • New clients will receive special pricing for the first month of services. Existing clients with referrals will also receive a bonus!

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